Certified Eco-Stager

Environmentally Responsible Home Design and Remodeling

The CSP International™ Business Training Academy‘s extensive experience in both home staging and green build science training and practices provides a solid base of knowledge and best practice experience in generating sustainable business results among eco-conscious consumers and real estate professionals.

The objectives of this online self-study workshop are to:

  • Empower you with knowledge on trends in environmentally responsible home design and remodeling and discuss how these impact staging.
  • Educate home staging professionals on key elements of eco-conscious design.
  • Provide a practical guide to the home stager on how and when they can insert green principles into their consultations and staging recommendations and practices
  • Provide a system to give home staging clients concrete tools that will provide them with a concrete measure of their homes‘ sustainability and recommendations for increasing that score. The EcoScore for the Home™ certificate is based on an evaluation of Eco assessment using the Room Ready Handbook™; the results provide marketing leverage for the home seller.
  • Provide effective tactics to market and sell, build affinity, and create long term relationships with green, eco-conscious real estate consumers and professionals.

This home study workshop is designed to provide essential tools and information that will allow you to tap into the growing affluent ”green”consumers. This is a primarily untapped revenue source that should increase your revenue and success exponentially as this market segment continues its upward growth. The guide will highlight the unique preferences this audience has; increase your knowledge of green design and your ability to sell to homeowners who self-identify as “green.

Once you have completed the course, you will be able to apply the knowledge, principles and tips to work with any part of the “green” consumer market, from first-time buyers to the more experienced home seller. This is a great opportunity to be a “part of the solution” in the new greener, sustainability focused, millennium. We can make a real difference together! Keep in mind throughout, the late green-guru Peter Lyttle‘s advice:

“If everyone did their 10%, we could reverse the effects of global warming and save the planet.”

Prerequisite: Certified-Eco Professionals Course


Course Fees:

$199.00 – Non CSP® Members
$199.00 – CSP® Members

Every action we take or promote for our clients moves us in the right direction. Ask yourself:

Am I doing my 10%?…

ALL participants earn 6 CE Credits towards attaining the CSP International Masters Designationupon successful completion of this webinar


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