CSP® Home Staging Certification Course

Why is the CSP® Program the CERTIFICATION of Choice for Stagers across the World?

Invaluable Hands–On Learning
Putting into practice what they have learned in the classroom, participants of the CSP program stage an actual property on the market as part of their day three learning. Before and after photos of the rooms they stage can be used to start their own portfolios.

“The CSP course was very informative, professional, energetically presented; a positive experience. The staging of the house on day three was eye–opening and was very good hands–on learning.”
Tracey Flanagan, CSP – Green Village, NJ

“The CSP program was very comprehensive, from ideas about starting your own business and the requirements to hands on experience in staging a home that was on the market. It was a terrific program that covered the process, activities and knowledge requires becoming a CSP. The group sessions and particularly the real staging exercise on Day 3 gave me, a novice, a real understanding of what is involved.”
Jennifer D’Angelo, CCSP – Oakville, ON

Industry Leading Instructors
All instructors own and operate successful staging businesses, bringing their experience and talent to the classroom.

“Duncan proved to be a wonderful instructor. He was very informative and entertaining and definitely on top of his game. I was more than satisfied with the course and think you have really put together a first rate program with excellent support material. And if I had any reservations about how effective staging could actually be they disappeared the third day when a Fonthill property was transformed by five students (under Duncan’s watchful eye, of course) and went from granny–ish to stylish. It was then I became a true convert and saw the possibilities in the profession.”
Lynn Jenkins, CCSP® – St. Catharines, ON

“Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of being a trainee in CSP’s intensive three–day staging training workshop with Nairn Friemann in New York City. Being an interior designer for 37 years, and practicing in both the residential and commercial areas, it is usually me who plays “teacher” rather than student. I must confess that I have more often than not been bored and disappointed in such events. My usual “M.O.” is to make excuses and leave early. But Nairn’s class was a very different experience. She was a serious, committed, engaging teacher, who clearly is at the top of her game in the Staging industry. She exhibited interest in each of her students, and gave individual guidance. I took prolific notes, and soon realized how much I could learn from her. She has my full respect, appreciation, and admiration.”
Alice Silverman, CSP® – North Salem, NY

Comprehensive Content
The CSP course delivers the art and science of home staging, business start up, complete with how to market and attract clients in today’s real estate market.

“This class boosted my spirits and gave me the confidence I needed to get out there. I have been spending so much time organizing and making sure everything is perfect before starting but the class gave me the extra shove to DO IT! Organization was great, material was terrific, the resource manual is fantastic. It is well worth the money! Great information; knowledge shared was wonderful; great group of people and the instructor was very knowledgeable, patient and informative.”
Patricia Kay McAlpin, CSP® – Rome, GA

“I can assure you when it comes to running a profitable staging business the information provided to CSP’s is imperative and this information is totally lacking from other courses I have taken. Furthermore, after being in business for several years and talking with dozens and dozens of other women in this industry at national conventions redesign work is limited and does not pay the bills…that is why so many of us have gone into staging. For the price you pay, you get so much more information and connections being a CSP including preferred pricing with so many other companies and the list goes on. But also you get ongoing help throughout your career. They have an amazing resource center available to you to get you up and started including marketing materials, etc. As part of the training, a lot of the redesign principles of furniture layouts, lighting, color, etc are taught. After taking other programs out there, the CSP Program is without a doubt the path to success!”
Lisa L. Dickson, CSP® – Youngstown, OH

Fast Track Program Option
Recommended staging and marketing tools are included in this option. On top of the theory and practical information the standard program offers, Fast Track participants will receive a quick to get started kit. The Fast Track includes; Build a Portfolio in a weekend, Presskit workbook for attracting priceless media exposure, Marketing Organizer for forecasting the 12 months marketing actions, 10 CSP Room Ready Handbook for consultations, Client Information Packages for presenting your services to Real Estate professionals and homeowners, a variety of staging tools including heavy duty wall hangers strong enough to hang 50lb mirrors, hanging levels to hang photos with ease, furniture lifters and move–alls to move furniture without scratching floors, and more!

After Class Support with CSP Membership

  • CSP M.O.R.E Program – Complimentary to CSP Members, the Marketing Organizational Resource Exercises can be found in the CSP Resource Centre upon graduation. Module One is sent by electronic file to all course participants via email upon registration of the course.
  • CSP Apprentice Mentorship Program – Job Shadowing available for participating areas.
  • CSP Marketing Webinars “The SUCCESS of Marketing” (open to public for $35, Free to CSP members) and “Marketing Challenge” (Exclusive and Free to CSP members) are held monthly.
  • Student Resource Centre – Receive ongoing support through the private online Student Resource Center and Forum.
  • Mini Website – CSP Members receive 4 pages with easy 24/hr access to maintain.
  • Staging Directory – CSP Members are listed on the CSP directory of stagers for the public to “Find a Certified Staging Professional” in their area.
  • Refresher Course – CSP Members can take the course over and over ($25/day).
  • Webinars subject to change at the discretion of CSP International Academy

“Just to let you know that attending the course as an alumni was interesting and informative. It was a real treat to sit back and listen after conducting a few consultations and showcasing projects. Thank you for the opportunity to absorb more details and information for next to nothing.($25 a day) Kudos, for encouraging the graduates to continue attending the courses. CSP’s continued support for alumni including the built in website for all graduates, access to marketing material, the opportunity to attend courses at any time and just to have someone to talk to at 1-888-STAGING is a huge advantage that I did not fully appreciate at the time of booking the course.”
Lucia Tomson, CCSP® – Barrie, ON

Membership Advantage Reward Program

CSP members receive a membership advantage card upon successful completion of the staging course. CSP International Academy™ has secured preferred rates and in many cases developed special programs with staging vendors to offer a marketing edge for CSPs.


Certified Staging Professionals™ know starting a new career can be both exciting and overwhelming. We also recognized that many want to get started the moment they register. Immediately after you register for the 3 day staging program we will send you the first electronic work booklet (module 1) of our CSP M.O.R.E Program.

The CSP Marketing, Organizing, Resource, Exercise Program was designed for different levels of business skills. Its multi–level components acknowledge that people learn differently and within their own time commitments.


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I am new to the Home Staging business. I had originally taken another Home Staging course and received their certification. However, my experience was very disappointing; my interaction with their staff was unsatisfactory, I was unable to communicate directly with a trainer and the course was limited. Follow-up and mentorship was non-existent. I really felt …

Hello Duncan and Christine, Just to let you know that attending the course as an alumni was interesting and informative. It was a real treat to sit back and listen (okay Duncan – not always listening after conducting a few consultations and showcasings. Thank you for the opportunity to sit back and absorb more …

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of being a trainee in CSP’s intensive three-day staging training workshop with Nairn Friemann in New York City. Being an interior designer for 37 years, and practicing in both the residential and commercial areas, it is usually me who plays “teacher” rather than student. I must confess that …

Last year I enrolled in a staging program which was very widely advertised and cost a little less than the CSP 3 Day Course. You know that saying “You get what you pay for” ? Well I graduated from that program still feeling that I needed more information – in fact, a lot more, actually. …